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Peggy D. Layton

Peggy D. Layton, a Home Economist, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah and is married to Scott Layton. Together they have seven children. With nine people to feed, Peggy uses bulk food storage products on a regular basis. She can write and speak about food storage and production from a hands-on point of view. She is nationally known for publishing a series of books. Her most popular books Cookin' with Home Storage, and Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook, have been well received and are being sold all over the U.S. The other books include, Cookin' With Powdered Milk, Cookin' With Dried Eggs, Cookin' With Beans and Rice, Cookin' With Potatoes, and Food Storage 101, Where Do I Begin? Peggy is dedicated to bringing you quality, tried, and tested recipes as well as accurate information.

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